Juventus Kit 2019/2020 - Dream League Soccer Kits

In this article, you can find and download Dream League Soccer Juventus 512×512 Kits and Logos 2019/2020 Edition with URLs.

In turn, the pupils of Massimo D’AZeglio Lyceum school were started this in the year 1897. After two years they were renamed to their team as Football-club Juventus. In the year 1900, this football team was joined in the Italian football championship.

In Velodrome Umberto I ground Juventus team was played championship league in 1905 and it was won with great score. This team dedicated its lifetime for the football only. Now they will be coming for 2019/2020 matches including new Juventus Kits 2019/2020.

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You can use these kits for your dream league soccer 2019/2020 team. It is very easy to find Juventus Kits 2019. Here we are giving their images to the URL’s. So it is easy to get them.

Dream League Soccer Juventus Kits and Logos – DLS 512X512

Those kits & team logo are made by manually that took more than three hours time taken for all my Juventus fans. Also, I made those kits & logos for you guys to add more value to your game DLS 2019, thereafter don’t forget to share with your friends as well.

The below-mentioned kits all are related to Juventus Kits 2019 team. These kits will be looking exactly as following images. You can find them from the provided URL’s.

How do I customise my kit / logo in Dream League Soccer?

Within this screen you can personalise your team data by editing your team name, shirt numbers & boot colours, you can also download and apply your very own kits and logos. Below you can see a screenshot of the 'Customise Team' main menu.

To edit players, simply tap on the 'Edit Players' button on the main 'Customise' screen. Within this screen you can edit boot colours & shirt numbers by tapping on a player.

To edit kits, simply tap on the 'Edit Kit' button on the main 'Customise Team' screen. Within this screen you can edit your home and away kits, shirt number fonts, kit types and trim.

To edit kit colours, simply tap on the 'Edit Kit Colours' button within 'Edit Kit'. Here you can edit kit colours for all aspects of your kit.

If you want to change your logo, there is a selection of pre-designed templates that are available to choose from. Simply use the left and right navigation arrows underneath the image to cycle through the different designs. When you have selected your logo, your current team name will display inside the logo; your team name can be changed at any time in ‘Edit Team Name’ and the logo will be automatically updated to reflect it.

To import a logo, simply navigate to ‘Edit Logo’, tap ‘Download’ and copy and paste the URL of the logo you want (maximum 512x512), then press the confirm button in the bottom right hand corner of the 'Edit Logo' screen. The logo here will appear on your kits.

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